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Logan Feliciano
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I'm a illustrator/Concept artist working in the entertainment industry. I love looking at all types of artwork and deviantart is one venue, where I like to look and share awesome work with awesome artists. Thanks for dropping by!

Available for Freelance:

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Stream Schedule Tues 1-5pm Thurs 1-5pm


Thank you, everyone, for the kind words. I really have no words for the support you all give. Also, thank you for crab memes, it made my day reading all of them lol. There'll be some news in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. Hope you all had a great St. Paddy's Day, if you celebrated, and have a great rest of your weekend!
A Final Payment
The wind was a bitter cold kiss, but a relative warm comfort for the three men navigating their way to the coastline. “Are you sure he's good for it? The man's been giddy the closer we get to the ocean. He's one of the most wanted men in Purgareth,” Bernard, the jittery one, said, uneased. The coastal climate began to dampen his clothing as well as his spirits. “I won't hear of this again. He can mumble all the livelong fucking day about bird droppings for all I care, what with the amount he's paid us thus far,” Arnold snapped, disgruntled. “We'll be living like royalty after this job,” he said, licking his lips, fantasizing of the posch life that awaited him. No more hiding. No more monsters. No more sleepless nights.
The coastline was a wasteland of porous rocks, with shapes so shocking and warped, from the years of endless onslaught of the lashing waves.

The man, mumbling utterances, grew silent as he found himself between two rocks. In fact the surrounding geography appeared more structured, with steps. The man turned with his matted hair, his yellow ridden teeth bared in a euphoric grin. “I thank you gentlemen. You've done this one a great service.” He bows. “And now, the final payment.” A thundering rumble grew, and the rhythmic waves accelerated in tempo until in one large crash, a behemoth crustacean emerged from the waters, spiked from limb to limb. “A final payment, to it.”

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I have a brand new design up on the yetee for the next 11hours! It's come in both shirts and hoodies! Come grab one before it's gone! Http://
Enoch, The Puissant
Enoch leads the hunt with calm rage. The night had already been arduous. Many men would not return home come the dawn. This particular creature had swarmed and taken a score of his men to the great beyond in a matter of moments, later diverting to a neighboring village to lay waste. Enoch had lost all he held dear, huddled in fear as a child night after night, wondering if it would be his last. Until, a band of hunters, by a stroke of luck found the boy, put a blade in his hand, and made him face his fear. That event a distant memory now with reality crashing into him. "I will take this one alone. He's mine," Enoch gestured his men, following the flamed pockets strewed across the field. His greatsword stained a sanguine hue, a pale moonlight pouring into the darkness, and an inferno straining to describe the unearthly form of the koe'm.

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Hey all! Soooooo I made a Gumroad page. As a little promo, I have available for free a vid showing one of my sketch processes for painting illustrations. More tutorials covering different topics ranging from fundamentals to advanced practices. If any of you are curious about specific tutorials or subject matter please feel free to send a note or email expressing your interest. I have a few things planned, but in the mean time, enjoy the free video!

Also the streams will be back up soon, mostly likely after 4th of July week. I'll keep you posted. Talk soon and have a great day all!



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You're doing a pretty good job here 😀 great works and very interesting background stories, keep up with it !
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How have you been a deviant for 12 years and only have 50k page views with cool art like yours? 
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Great arts
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